Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Jess bought a table saw ( he said it was for me and my crafts but I think it's for more than that) so I have been busy with a few fun things.  These are 3 of them and I have a few more that I want to do when I find the sander to make life easier.  I like to do stuff like this, it's relaxing. I need to get at my scrapbooking but this is less work for now.


  1. Oh they turned out so dang cute. YOu are so clever and crafty!!!

  2. Thank you SOOOOO much for the beautiful gift! It is on proud display. Sorry I haven't sent a thank you card to you yet for Jesse's wonderful oil change. :( It's been on the list of things to do which I haven't gotten to . Please know that it meant the world to me. Hugs! E