Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maui In February! Just another day in Paradise!!!!! We have been having a blast here in Hawaii.
This was taken during a calm space before the waves got the better of me. Nadyne thought it was too calm here and that we should move in closer to get more of the wave. BAD IDEA!!!!
When we moved in we both got sent tumbling head over heel and when I came up I was missing my sunglasses. Gone forever in the surf, or so I thought. Jess decided he would go look for them and while I sat on the beach writing them off and trying to decide where I would go to get a new pair he went snorkling around the area where I lost them. And to my total surprise he FOUND them, a total miracle.
We have been on a helicopter tour, whale watching, on the road to Hana, and various other things. It has been so much fun. Tiring but fun. No rest for the wicked or those married to Jess Olsen hahhahaha.