Friday, September 25, 2009

Soooo Many Changes

What a lot of changes in our lives this summer. In July we moved to Cardston. I must say I love my house, especially now that it's pretty much set up and I have an awesome area for scrapbooking.(I only need to find the time to scrapbook now.) Sitting in Church that first Sunday was so weird. It felt like I was sitting in Stake Conference compared to the branch we were in in Drumheller. I felt so alone in this sea of people. It is starting to get better as we get to know a few people but there are still so many we don't know.
We had a busy summer, golfing and going to Waterton, and having all our kids come and visit. I loved having them here and hated it when they had to go home. It was fun having the grandsons here and watching Isaiah and Josh play together and become friends.
Then the day I was dreading came. The day we moved Stephanie to Calgary. I am excited for her and the new adventures she will have as she takes nursing at Mount Royal but it was so hard to leave her there. Many tears were shed that night. Mostly mine but I think a few on her part too.
So now Jess and I are empty nesters. It seems so weird to have only the two of us at home. I need to learn to cook for 2 instead of a whole family. Fortunately Calgary isn't all that far away and she can come home or we can go there to visit her or Jonathan and Amanda, and Brian lives here in Cardston so I see him and Sarah often. Now if we could just get Erin and Darrin closer.
At least Cardston is closer than Drumheller was.
So here we are,in Cardston, and on the whole enjoying it. Family, friends, and being close to the temple make it a good place to be. We have many blessings to count.