Sunday, May 31, 2009

She did it !!!!

Well after 12 long years.... and I'm sure she will agree.... Stephanie has graduated from High School. Final exams yet to write but all the pomp and ceremony is over with.
She looked so beautiful as she walked around the arena in her dress at the Grand March Friday night, and then it was with tears in my eyes that I watched her walk into the gymnasium of the high school to recieve her diploma.

Steph has worked very hard all through High School and kept herself on the Honor Roll grades seven through twelve. She also kept herself busy with basketball, choir, drama, and many groups in the school.
I am so proud of her for all her accomplishments and for the hard work she has put into her schooling. She is now going to be attending the Nursing Program at Mount Royal in September.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My baby is 18

I guess I'm getting old. This week my youngest child Stephanie turned 18. It's hard to believe that this day has arrived. Time seems to have been on warp speed and now she's all grown up and Jess and I will be empty nesters. I was asked to welcome her into Relief Society today and I didn't realize how hard that would be. I was crying before I even started. Man am I a big boob but them all my kids already know that. It was a neat experience to be able to do that . I'm grateful though for the blessing I've had to be her mother as well as the mother of Jonathan, Erin and Brian. All of them are such great kids. Now I get to watch them grow as people with their own lives and families and it is very gratifying and humbling to watch them. I love to hear my grandchildren say Hi Grandma and Hi Nana. Just want all of you to know how proud I am of all of you.